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| Banja Luka | Monday, 04/09/2017

Considering the beginning of school year, as well as the increased presence of children who participate independently in traffic for the first time, police officers implemented the increased traffic control with the special emphasis on sanctioning for driving motor vehicles above the speed limit and the control of alcohol presence in the body, in addition to providing their increased presence near education facilities and on the roads where many pupils will be walking.

On 1 and 2 September 2017, police officers controlled 692 traffic participants. Out of the total number of controlled drivers, 255 of them were sanctioned for exceeding the allowed speed and 126 of them were sanctioned for driving vehicle under influence of alcohol, and about ten (10) drivers were found to have presence of alcohol more than 1. 5 g/kg.

The Police Administration Banja Luka appeals to traffic participants to respect legal provisions, especially to drivers of motor vehicles to adapt speed of their vehicles to characteristics and conditions of roads, traffic signalisation, and other traffic conditions, to respect prescribed speed, to drive carefully especially if they are found near school facilities, and not to drive under influence of alcohol, because in this way they not only protect themselves, but also other traffic participants as well.