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| Banja Luka | Tuesday, 05/12/2017

In the joint and planned activities of Administration for Countering Organised and Serious Crime of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior and Police Administration Banja Luka, and under the supervision of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka, on December 05, 2017 a five-month long action code-named “Avatar” was conducted with the aim of solving and documenting criminal offences in the field of narcotic drugs abuse.
Within the action, 13 persons were arrested, 12 of whom are from Banja Luka area and one from Trebinje area.  Based on the orders of the district courts in Banja Luka and Trebinje, residential and business premises were searched at 17 locations in the areas of Banja Luka, Laktaši, Kotor Varoš and Trebinje.
During the search, police found and confiscated more than 2.5 kilograms of green herbal substance which resembles narcotic drug marijuana, about 749 grams of white powdery substance which resembles narcotic drug speed, about 26 grams of white powdery substance which resembles narcotic drug cocaine, mobile phones and SIM card holder, as well as other items which will be used as evidence in criminal proceedings.
During the day, persons B.Đ. (1977), E.A. (1987), S.P. (1992), B.M (1989),V.V. (1989) F.H. (1976), S.Đ. (1982), A.S. (1982), B.Đ (1992) from Banja Luka and T.A (1992) from Trebinje, will be handed over to the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Banja Luka  with the report on the committed criminal offense "Illicit Production and Traffic of Narcotic Drugs".
Since there is an ongoing hearing of the large number of persons and further collecting of relevant evidence, the public will be informed in case of processing other persons.
During these activities, police officers also solved criminal offence “Serious Theft” for which they suspect persons whose initials are G.M (1992), B.Đ. (1997) and B.Ć. (1992) from Banja Luka. These persons are suspected of stealing a vehicle of “Dacia” brand on 21.11.2017 in Srbac.