The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior


Head of Administration

Marinko Janjetović was born on 25 March 1962, in Bistrica, near Banja Luka, where he finished primary school. He finished Secondary Administrative School in 1980 in Banja Luka and graduated at the Faculty of Law in Banja Luka, in 1986. Before the Commission of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of Justice, he passed bar exam in 2002. At the Faculty of Legal Sciences of Pan-European University ‘’Aperion’’, he acquired the Master’s degree in Legal Science in 2014. The first work experience he gained as a law intern in 1990 in Banja Luka. During twenty-two years of work experience within the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior, he performed duties as a criminal investigator, commander of police station, chief of Division, the head of Department and Sector of Crime Police in PSC Banja Luka; at the headquarters of the Ministry, he performed duties as the head of Department of Criminalistics Techniques, an inspector of internal control, chief disciplinary prosecutor, and the head of the Unit for Professional Standards. Furthermore, he performed duties as the chief of Crime-Intelligence Division in the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), in Sarajevo, from 2004 to 2006. He has been performing duties as the head of Service for the Protection of Integrity and Legality of Operations since it has been established, that is, from September 2016.


051/334-361, 051/334-360
Bulevar Desanke Maksimović Street 4, 78000 Banja Luka.


- to supervise and perform the application of legislation and bylaw regulations, professional standards and the best practice of police agencies,
- to improve the application of legislation and bylaw regulations within the Ministry,
- to be responsible for building and protecting integrity of the employees within the Ministry,
- to provide conditions for processing citizen’s remonstrance timely and legally,
- to plan, organize, and provide objective implementation of internal and criminal investigation, and disciplinary procedures against police officers,
- to monitor activities on the protection of secret and personal information,
- to cooperate with competent bodies of other police agencies in BIH, other states, regional and international police organisations.

Organizational chart