The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior


Temporary place of residence is considered to be a municipality or district in which a foreign citizen has temporary residence.
  • Registration and cancellation of permanent and temporary place of residence, as well as residential address registration is mandatory for all citizens.
  • A citizen may be registered to have only one place of residence on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Registration and cancellation of temporary and permanent place of residence shall be requested by the person who is registering or cancelling their temporary or permanent residence, or by the authorized legal representative, and in case of a minor, the request shall be submitted by a parent, guardian or guardianship body.
  • A citizen shall submit the request for new place of residence within 15 days from establishing the new place of residence or from the day a child was born.
  • A citizen is not required to personally cancel their previous temporary or permanent place of residence. The cancellation shall be conducted by the competent authority ex officio.
In the procedure for registering their permanent place of residence, a citizen has to provide accurate and authentic information and, as a valid basis for residence at the address they are registering for, one of the following proofs may be submitted:
  • 1.Certificate of ownership or co-ownership or possession of a flat, house or other residential building,
  • 2.Verified contract of lease, or verified contract of tenancy with the verified certificate of ownership or co-ownership or possession of flat of the landlord,
  • 3.Certificate confirming that there is a dispute concerning the ownership at competent body, or that the legalization or registration procedure has been initiated for the flat or the house at the address at which residence is to be registered
  • 4.A verified statement of the landlord shall also be considered as valid, in which they give their consent for certain person to be registered at their address,
  • 5.Spouse, common-law partner, or relatives can register at an address only if they attach proof of marriage or common-law marriage.
In order to register their temporary or permanent place of residence, as well as their address, one shall submit:
1.Request to register their temporary or permanent place of residence, as well as their address (form PBA-1),
2. Identity card or other proof of identity (for a minor, a birth certificate or other proof of identity shall be submitted).

        One shall not pay fee for registration or cancellation of temporary or permanent place of residence, as well as for changing their address.
        A citizen who is permanently settled abroad and spends more than 3 months there shall cancel their residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina through diplomatic and consular offices of BiH in the country where they are permanently settled.

        If a citizen has no intention to permanently settle in the country in which they are residing, they shall not be obliged to cancel their place of residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

        A person or parent who does not register or cancel temporary or permanent place of residence, or provides false information, is committing a violation for which a fine ranging from BAM 30 to BAM 300 is prescribed.