The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior


Head of Administration

Mr Milosav Savković was born on 14 August 1973 in the town of Jajce, BIH, where he finished primary and secondary school. In 2003, he finished the College of the Interior, and in 2005, he graduated from the Faculty of the Interior as a Bachelor of Laws of the Interior. He was employed with the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior from 1994 to 2006, and during this period, he performed the activities of a policeman and a crime inspector at PSS Jajce, SSC Bijeljina, SSC Banja Luka and the Crime Police Administration. In 2006, he became a member of the Special Department for Countering Corruption and Organised Crime - Special Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Srpska as an inspector for criminal offences in the field of organized crime and most serious forms of economic crime. He returned to the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior in July of 2016 to perform the activities of a crime inspector within the Crime Police Administration, and in September the same year, he was appointed head of the Department for countering organised crime and narcotic drugs in Banja Luka Police Administration. Mr Savković performed the tasks of the head of the Administration for Countering Organised and Serious Crime from January 2019 to December 2020, when he was appointed head of the Service for the protection of the integrity and legality of the operations of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior.


051/334-361, 051/334-360
Bulevar Desanke Maksimović Street 4, 78000 Banja Luka.


- to supervise and perform the application of legislation and bylaw regulations, professional standards and the best practice of police agencies,
- to improve the application of legislation and bylaw regulations within the Ministry,
- to be responsible for building and protecting integrity of the employees within the Ministry,
- to provide conditions for processing citizen’s remonstrance timely and legally,
- to plan, organize, and provide objective implementation of internal and criminal investigation, and disciplinary procedures against police officers,
- to monitor activities on the protection of secret and personal information,
- to cooperate with competent bodies of other police agencies in BIH, other states, regional and international police organisations.

Organizational chart