The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior

Praises related to police officer´┐Żs work

       You can praise a police officer for their decent and responsible behaviour towards you, and/or because they are dedicated to their work, unbiased, brave, communicative, fair, as well as for their professionalism and preserving the reputation of the Ministry.
       You can send your praise to a police officer to the following e-mail address: .
       Your praise should be understandable and contain information related to place, time and description of activities performed by the police officer whose work you would like to praise, as well as other useful information. Additionally, it is preferred that you provide your personal information in the praise, including your address and phone numbers, so your praise can contribute in the procedure of rewarding the police officer. If you know the information related to the police officer, you should provide the following: their name and surname, and/or the number of their police badge, where they work and which activities they perform, registration plates of their official vehicle and other information.